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Caller-Times article about the Oscar Casares reading

Author Experiences


  •  Not only is this one of the most vibrant literary communities I have ever had the honor of visiting, it is also one of the most FUN!  Great food and conversation with people who embrace and celebrate all areas of the arts.  It was a great privilege to be there and I would go back in a minute!          Jill McCorkle
  • Being part of the Corpus Christi Literary Reading Series was one of the sweetest events of my life. Such friendly listeners! Such genuine warmth and care! Such excellent organization! Though my husband (Michael Nye) grew up in Corpus Christi (son of Judge Paul and Nina Nye) and his brothers live there, I felt surprised and charmed to be part of the community in a whole new way. I salute the terrific founders for coming up with such a great idea. It's impressive to keep anything going for 30 years. I have no doubt the other visiting writers experienced the loving readers of Corpus Christi with just as much pleasure. You have a treasure in your fine series - celebrate it!           Naomi Shihab Nye
  •  I still think about my time in Corpus Christi and the wonderful people I met there, avid readers all. The Literary Reading Series does important work by introducing writers to the community and starting a big conversation. I feel lucky to have taken part.        Meg Wolitzer